Simply put, soccer is a gift.  Whether aware of it or not, in daily life players utilize something they learn from the game every day. The realizable potential for players to grow through the game is what sparked Kathryn’s passion to give back to the game through club committees, fundraising work, support of High School soccer in the school systems, and ultimately Board leadership over ten years ago. Stepping officially into the role of President of our club in August 2020, after serving as Interim President for one year, Kathryn helped the Board set the club on a course for change, that would ultimately result in the creation and launch of Northwest Elite FC in the fall of 2021.

Kathryn holds an MBA from Willamette University and a BA in Psychology from the University of Nebraska.  Kathryn also holds both the CCP (Certified Compensation Professional) and GRP (Global Remuneration Professional) certifications. These qualifications along with Kathryn’s unique understanding of human motivation, and her love of numbers, has afforded her the opportunity to pursue a specialized career in the path of Compensation Strategy and Design for the past 18 years for companies spanning 15 to 85,000 employees globally in both the private and public sectors. Kathryn’s experience leading change management campaigns in seven merger and acquisition transactions has been a nice compliment to the professional backgrounds of our Board of Directors.

A native of Denver Colorado, Kathryn’s love of sports began in the Rockies on the ski slopes at age four. Kathryn began playing soccer in third grade (the earliest players in Colorado could start playing “back in the day”) in parallel to pursuing competitive swimming. The team aspect of soccer was where her heart always was, well beyond her undergraduate years at the University of Nebraska where only women’s “club” soccer was offered at the time.  Beyond college Kathryn played on both co-ed and women’s teams in Seattle, Boise, and Portland as professional relocations moved her young family from place to place.  Soccer became a mechanism to quickly develop a sense of community in new cities.  It was in early adulthood that Kathryn began to see soccer as a “gift”, in that players can always turn to the beautiful game to manage through life change, as a “language” to connect humans to humans irrespective of cultural, gender, or other differences, and as a way to fulfill one’s life mission.

Northwest Elite FC
2850 SW Cedar Hills Blvd #1 Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: 503-616-9424

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