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NW Elite brings together coaches and players that believe in the player/person as a whole. There is no simple answer or perfect path but NW Elite strives to provide an all encompassing experience for the player to match the demands of the game, training and life. Professional, detailed and holistic, we strive to offer a complete education for the player.


These aspects will be a part of every training session. Starting with a minimum 1.5 hour session a week exclusively for goalkeepers, we are afforded the time to work into the details of Goalkeeper Technique and at the same time utilize economical training to build Goalkeeper Fitness. These sessions are focused on teaching the goalkeeper the habits they should be honing during their team training sessions or on their own. At every possible opportunity, goalkeeper coaches are at training to help to build on those techniques covered and incorporate the goalkeepers with their teams, building Tactical and Mental awareness. We also plan to build in a third day of goalkeeper work within team instruction.

Goalkeeper sessions involve everything from footwork and communication to the technical aspects of diving, recovering and starting the attack. We place a heavy focus on footwork, and on the goalkeeper training a technique as close to game speed as possible so that they are ready when they step on the field. Goalkeeper training sessions are typically divided by age range, but players who demonstrate consistent ability above their age will be invited to the older session in order to challenge them.

The game of soccer continues to grow and evolve. We at NW Elite FC continue to work hard to move with the demands of the game and lead the players to be successful in that environment. The GK Team will focus on coordination of training needs and availability in the summer of 2023, providing plenty of chances for the motivated GK to improve his or her game. Our coaching staff is second to none, and through our focus we are raising the next generation of top level soccer players.



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2850 SW Cedar Hills Blvd #1 Beaverton, OR 97005
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