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NW ELITE FC endeavors to maintain a safe training environment for all of our athletes. To this end, we will apply the following guidelines when monitoring weather and air quality for the safety of our players.

NW ELITE FC will designate a person to monitor weather and air quality on days when conditions warrant monitoring. If training will be canceled that evening, NW ELITE FC will send a cancelation message out to the club via TeamSnap by 3pm on the day of cancelation.

Reminder: Please be sure you have your TeamSnap account set up to receive notifications. The club is not responsible for messages not reaching you if your TeamSnap notifications are turned off! Set or Adjust Personal Notification Preferences

As a primary guide, we will follow the lead of the Beaverton School District (BSD) for activity closures. If the BSD cancels school or outdoor activities because of weather or hazardous air conditions, we will follow suit.

In addition, we must follow the field closure procedures of Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD), through which we lease our fields. THPRD’s general guidelines can be FOUND HERE, under their Inclement Weather Policy.

As always, if a parent feels conditions are unsafe for their child, they should inform the coach and not bring their child to practice. 


THPRD guidelines prohibit training on fields with standing water. They will also periodically close fields due to excessively wet weather conditions. If lightning or thunder is present or begins during practice, the session will be suspended. Teams should take cover until lightning and thunder have ceased for 30 minutes. If the weather is threatening, parents should be available to pick players up early if practice must be suspended.


THPRD guidelines (click here to view)  prohibit training on fields if the temperature falls below 33 degrees. If this situation occurs we will cancel training. If the temperature drops while training is going on, practice will be suspended and parents should be available to pick players up.


THPRD does not have guidelines around canceling the use of fields due to high heat. NW ELITE FC will watch the OSAA Heat Index (click here to view) and modify training as indicated. We will typically still hold training sessions in temperatures up to 100 degrees but modify activity to suit the conditions. If the Heat Index is forecasted to be over 100 degrees practices may be cancelled, though the cancelation may be handled on a team-by-team basis, depending on the team’s age and competition schedule and time of day. Some teams may continue to train to prepare for upcoming competitions in hot-weather locations.


NW ELITE FC will monitor air quality using the guidelines of the EPA website,  AirNow (click here to view).  NW ELITE FC will endeavor to make a training determination as early in the day as possible, but will make a decision by 3pm on the day in question. We will use the following guidelines to determine if training will be canceled.


< 50 : Air is safe for outdoor practices

50 -100 : Athletes with asthma should have rescue inhalers readily available and pre-treat before exercise or as directed by their healthcare provider. All athletes with respiratory illness, asthma, lung or heart disease should monitor symptoms and reduce/cease activity if symptoms arise. Increase rest periods as needed. Parents should not bring players to practice if they feel their child should not participate given their health condition.

> 100 : Air quality is hazardous for sensitive groups which include children and NW ELITE FC will not hold outdoor practices.
These policies are for NW ELITE FC training only. Decisions to cancel League or Tournament games due to inclement weather, air quality, etc. are NOT determined by NW ELITE FC. Teams that do not show up for games deemed playable by the league or tournament directors may be subject to forfeit and heavy fines.

OYSA League guidelines and communication about league cancelations will come directly from league schedulers to participating teams.

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