I will be a positive influence to players, coaches, parents, and anyone else with whom I come in contact.
I will actively encourage the practice of sportsmanship, hard work, technical skill proficiency and fair play above “winning at all costs.”
I will not use foul, abusive or profane language.
I will have my child at games one hour before kick off.
I will attend games as often as possible.
I will not coach from the sidelines or yell at the referee or opponent players.
I will respect the opponent’s parents/fans and not engage in arguing or banter.
I will praise all players during the game and not speak negatively to or about any players.
I will tell my child how much I enjoy watching them play soccer.
I will have my child at practice 15 minutes early.
I will watch practices as often as possible.
I understand that the stated end time for practice means the coach is no longer responsible for my child. I will pick up my child promptly after practices and games.
After practices and games, I will ask my child what they learned or what they or the team worked on. I will not criticize my player, the coach/es, or teammates. I will give my player space after games to process their performance without my interference.
I will assist my child with good nutrition and sleep habits.
I will watch soccer with my child and broaden my own understanding of the game.
I will support the Club and the Team by volunteering to help with the various tasks presented by the Club, Team Manager, Board of Directors, etc.
I acknowledge and agree that a 24-hour wait period is recommended before contacting the Coach with a complaint or concern. Approaching the coach immediately after a game is not in my player’s best interest.
I will maintain a positive balance in my child’s team account.
I acknowledge that I am a member of Northwest Elite FC along with my child. I will not allow my child to participate in any other club’s training or games without the prior written consent of NW ELITE FC’s Director of Coaching.
I have read and understood the Player Code of Conduct and will provide oversight of my child to ensure it is followed.
Violation of this Code of Conduct may result in removal or suspension from the club.

Northwest Elite FC
2850 SW Cedar Hills Blvd #1
Beaverton, OR 97005

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