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PARENT Code of Conduct

I will be a positive influence to players, coaches, parents, and anyone else with whom I come in contact.
I will actively encourage the application of sportsmanship, hard work, technical skill proficiency and fair play above “winning at all costs.”
I will not use foul, abusive or profane language. I will not use language that disparages any race, gender, religion, or partner preferences
As a parent or guardian, I may not retaliate against a coach for usual and customary coaching decisions such as but not limited to playing time, starting lineups, position assignments, subbing, drills or tactical choices. Retaliation includes manipulation of a club or other governing body policy because I am angry about a usual and customary coaching decision. If I am found to have retaliated in any way, I may be subject to disciplinary action.
I understand I play a key role in the player’s journey, but, the main responsibility will fall on the player for participation and engagement in their process. I will include my player on the club’s team communication platform (TeamSnap) and include them in communications/ meetings with the coach.
     U11-U12 – It is optional to have a player email address on TeamSnap. The responsibility falls on the parent to pass along the DOC, coach and club information to the player.
     U13-U19 – At minimum, every player must have at least an email address on the TeamSnap to receive DOC, coach and club information. Also, can include a player’s cell phone number.

I will have my athlete at training 15 minutes early and at games one hour before kick off.
I will directly notify the coach via email at least a week or more in advance of known conflicts and absences with scheduled training or games. Please utilize a “when the parent knows, then the coach will know” motto. When players reach high school age I will work with my player to have them notify the coach of absences.
I will not coach from the sidelines or yell at the referee or opponent players.
I will respect the opponent’s players, parents/fans and not engage in arguing or banter.
I will praise all players during the game and not speak negatively to or about any players.
I will tell my athlete(s) how much I enjoy watching them play soccer.
I understand playing time is not guaranteed and that each player is evaluated according to their contributions as a team member through the demonstration of technical proficiencies, tactical awareness, fitness and physical capabilities, and emotional and psychological disposition.
I understand that the stated end time for practice means the coach is no longer responsible for my athlete. I will pick up my player promptly after training and games.
After training and games, I will allow my athlete to tell me what they learned or what they or the team worked on. I will not criticize my player, the coach/es, or teammates. I will give my player space after games to process their performance without my interference.
I will assist my athlete with good nutrition and sleep habits.
I will watch soccer with my player and broaden my own understanding of the game.
I will support the Club and the Team by volunteering to help with the various tasks presented by the Club, Team Manager, Board of Directors, etc.
I acknowledge, agree, and will adhere to the club’s Communication Protocol (as posted on the website. I agree and will adhere to the 24-hour wait period after all games and events have finished before contacting the Coach with any questions or concerns. Email and conversation dates and times will be considered by the coach and club leadership roles prior to responding. No coach, staff or Board Member is required to respond before the 24 hour period of time.
I will maintain a positive balance in my player’s team account. I will proactively work with the club when I have financial constraints and understand that silence about inability to pay is not acceptable.
Parents may attend any and all possible events (games/trainings) however once your player has checked in with the coach, there is no parent coaching as it may conflict with coach’s instruction.
Parents should not enter onto the game field, training field or player’s bench area once team activity has started unless there is an emergency.
I acknowledge that I am a member of Northwest Elite FC along with my athlete. I will not allow my athlete to participate in any other club’s training or games without the prior written consent of NW ELITE FC’s Director of Coaching.
I have read and understood the Player Code of Conduct and will provide oversight of my player to ensure it is followed.
Violation of this Code of Conduct may result in removal or suspension from the club.
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