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Player Code of Conduct

I will be a positive influence to teammates, coaches, parents, and anyone else with whom I come in contact.
I will actively apply sportsmanship, hard work, technical skill proficiency and fair play above “winning at all costs.”
I will not use foul, abusive or profane language. I will not use language that disparages any race, gender, religion, or partner preferences
As a player, I may not retaliate against a coach for usual and customary coaching decisions such as but not limited to playing time, starting lineups, subbing, position assignments, drills or tactual choices. Retaliation includes manipulation of a club or other governing body policy because I am angry about a usual and customary coaching decision. If I am found to have retaliated in any way, I may be subject to disciplinary action.
I understand that the use of alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substance (unless prescribed specifically by a licensed physician) is strictly prohibited and will result in my immediate suspension.
I acknowledge that health and nutrition play an important role in my athletic development. I commit to maintaining a healthy diet and sleep routine.
I understand my parents play a key role in my journey, but, the main responsibility will fall on me for participation and engagement in the soccer season. I will be included on the club’s team communication platform (TeamSnap) and will be included in communications/ meetings with the coach.
U11-U12 – It is optional to have a player email address on TeamSnap. The responsibility falls on the parent to pass along the DOC, coach and club information to the player.
U13-U19 – At minimum, every player must have at least an email address on the TeamSnap to receive DOC, coach and club information. Also, can include a player’s cell phone number.
It is my priority to be physically conditioned and mentally prepared for all games.
I respect referees and acknowledge that all referees' calls are final.
I will purchase and wear club specified Nike clothing and gear at all official Club events. This includes training, games, travel, team events, etc. as specified by the Coach or Team Manager. Failure to do so will result in being sent to change and/or sitting out a game as specified by the coach.
Proper Training and Game Day Uniform is required. This includes: shin guards must be worn for every session with socks up and no jewelry / no watches for personal safety and that of other players.
I commit to my teammates that I will train hard, push myself and expect that my teammates will do the same in order to perform optimally at all training and games.
My coach—and all NW ELITE FC coaches—deserve my respect. I will listen when being instructed and apply what I am learning as quickly as possible.
I will make every effort to attend all training sessions and games. I (not my parents) will contact my coach directly and in advance when I am unable to attend.
When the Coach assigns team learning opportunities outside of practice (technical skills, game analysis, etc.), I will complete it within the specified time frame.
I will arrive early for all scheduled events as designated by the coach, fully prepared to start on time.
I will fulfill my entire year-long (Elite/ Competitive) or seasonal (Select) commitment to the team. I acknowledge that failure to do so negatively affects my entire team—not just me.
I will make every effort to attend out of town games and tournaments.
Upon arrival at training and games, I will put away my phone and not use it again until the coach dismisses me.
I am a member of Northwest Elite FC. I will not participate in any other club’s training or games without prior written consent of NW ELITE FC’s Director of Coaching.
Players are expected to reinforce our culture of professionalism with sideline organization of gear and equipment and greeting of staff at training and games.
It is the responsibility of all players to help with field set up and equipment collection before and after training and games. All equipment must be accounted for and everything put away before players can leave.
I will follow club policies, league policies, and state and federal laws.
If players are reported to be in violation of the Club Player Code of Conduct, the club will conduct investigative meetings with at least two adult leaders present by video or in person in alignment with the Club's Grievance Process, which also serves as it's official disciplinary case review process. Decisions made in the Club Grievance process are final and may result in a short-term player suspension and/or a decision to separate a player from the club.
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