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The basis for the refreshed COVID protocol below included live discussions with the OHA*, discussions with peer youth soccer organizations in both Oregon and Washington, CDC guidance review, and guidance published by our league governing bodies.


Updated October 2022

Taking active and extra precautions and making good choices to be safe will help ensure not only players themselves but teammates can continue to compete in scheduled training and games.

Daily Routine Precautions
● Follow all parameters set at school and other organizations you participate in
● When indoors in group settings take extra precautions to reduce chances of contracting the virus
● Be aware of symptoms and the Omicron Variant, which can be found here: CDC - COVID Symptoms
● Wash hands for 20 seconds
● Use hand sanitizer when utilizing shared fixtures/items
● Wear a mask when not actively participating in training or games
● Keep 6 feet physical distance when not actively participating in training or games
● Feeling sick or showing symptoms = get tested

When Preparing for Games and Travel
● Consider the choices you are making prior to games and club travel to ensure your best performance in games
● Follow quarantine guidance closely


● Players WILL NOT be required to wear masks while actively playing in games or practicing. The decision to wear a mask is a family decision.

For teams participating in OYSA games, please visit OYSA website for Spring 2022 Operational Plan.

For teams participating in ECNL Showcases, guidance is sent out for specific events based upon geographic parameters in place at event locations as part of pre-event communications provided to a club.

If your player develops symptoms, becomes exposed (close contact), or tests positive for COVID, the following outlines the steps in our Return to Play process:

● If your player displays symptoms of COVID-19 please take the following steps:
   1. Follow CDC suggested quarantine based on vaccination status (visit CDC website)
   2. Players are advised but not required to obtain a COVID test
   3. If your player is exposed to or is aware they have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 please take the following steps:
        1. Players remains eligible to play
        2. Monitor development of symptoms. If symptoms develop, If symptoms develop, players may need to quarantine based upon CDC guidance which considers vaccination status.
● If your player tests positive for or becomes sick with COVID 19, please take the following steps:
   1. Follow CDC required quarantine guidance
   2. Players are advised but not required to obtain a COVID test that is negative to return to play.

Masks While Traveling
Players have the choice to wear a mask at any point during travel they feel necessary (airports, hotels, team vans). If masks are or become required for any aspect of travel, players will comply with facility requirements.

Contracting COVID While Traveling
● Players who exhibit COVID symptoms prior to travel, even after travel has been booked, should choose to stay at home and notify the coach immediately.
● If a player develops COVID symptoms (or becomes ill for other reasons) when traveling, parents will be notified immediately and a decision will be made between the parent and traveling coach regarding best course of action to make the player comfortable and protect the team from spreading of the virus.
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